Saturday, July 25, 2009

Self Forgiveness – The Greatest Gift Of All

With all that is going on in our world, the times we face seem to be especially challenging for many. It is for this reason that I encourage you to give yourself a very special gift, the gift of forgiveness.

Our conscious mind operates from a place of fear and often communicates with us in a way that makes us feel less than we truly are. The conscious mind will also look for evidence in our lives to prove its point, and it never seems to have any difficulty in finding and informing us of this evidence. All too often this evidence seems overwhelming, and so we succumb and accept it as reality.

The reality however, is that you are NOT your conscious mind and you are NOT what your conscious mind tells you that you are. So no matter what may have occurred in your life this past year, or in any year through out your life, I want you to know that that event or experience does not define who you are.

I encourage you to get out of your head for a moment, and connect with that place that knows who you truly are. Connect to your heart where there is only unconditional love, appreciation, and support for you and your dreams. Once you have connected to that place of unconditional love, make the choice and give the gift of forgiveness to yourself.

With your hand on your heart say take in deep breathe and think of something or someone you love. This thought will facilitate you in connecting to your heart. Once there, say the following: "I forgive myself for judging myself as ________" Fill in the blank with whatever you have been judging that "you should have done better", or "you should have done differently" or "you should be anything other than you are".

I would also encourage you to state the truth about yourself after you have forgiven yourself. You might state something like "The truth is I am a Divine Being having a human experience who is always doing the best I can in every situation. If I could have done better I would have".

If you choose, you can take the gift of forgiveness one step further, and choose to forgive someone else who you have judged as having acted in a way other than" they should have".

Since we are all one, and we come from the same source, what is true for one is true for all. The truth is when we withhold forgiveness from another, we suffer needlessly, and when we choose to forgive, we uplift not only that person, but also ourselves.

We can all benefit from this kind of upliftment. Give the gift of forgiveness first to yourself, and then share it with everyone you can. You will experience an incredible release of negative energy, and in its place will rush in love, peace, joy, and well being.

There is no prize to be won by the person who suffers the most, and you have suffered enough. Through the power of forgiveness you can end the suffering now. Let me loving say to you, "STOP THINKING ABOUT IT, AND JUST DO IT! You are worthy and you deserve it. When all is said and done, you and all those around you will be glad you did.